Facebook Madness!

In case some of you were wondering out there March is fast approaching us. While I have never been a big sports fan, working in offices around DC has taught me one thing: March is full of some kind of Madness. March Madness, for the non-sports inclined, is the official basketball tournament of the NCAA.

Facebook has partnered with CBS to create a complete MM experience for Facebook users. The partnership is made in heaven if you ask me. CBS gets complete access to a network of users who have both traditional and mobile internet access.

Facebook isn’t left out in the cold on this deal either. Facebook will be gaining an influx of users who are interested in tracking, betting and besting their friends in the March Madness Mayhem. This could mean even more users for Facebook which of course means more revenue.

With its support of political debates, and now the March Madness, Facebook is proving that it can continue to find ways to attract new users and add value to its existing customer base. I never follow basketball but I am interested to hear how many of you will be tracking your office pools via Facebook.