Facebook Luring Users for Mobile Ad Network With ‘Anonymous Login’

Facebook’s new mobile ad strategy is stunning us with its business brilliance. The company’s new mobile ad network allows Facebook to bypass mobile browsers: if you click on a linked image or news story in Facebook’s app or mobile ads, it can up the respective app without touching or thinking of an internet browser. For example, an Instagram image will take you to Instagram’s app.

It’s a brilliant scheme. The apps’ external links and ads are just a few new ways the company is seeking to take over smartphones they didn’t have to manufacture. There’s also a little deception involved in its new login system that goes by the name anonymous.

Anonymity is practically a commodity on the internet. It should be, but sometimes, using the term anonymous gives users a sense of data security that’s virtually a digital lie. Facebook users who want to try out a new app or have to choice to keep personal data hidden will want to use this new login feature – but as far as Facebook is concerned, it still knows what you are doing and when you are doing it. This is a great way to gather data for the new ad network we just mentioned.

If you’re a regular on the internet, you probably log into Facebook and never log out. When this happens, you often return to Facebook to see reminders: you need to buy a pair of shoes you looked at on another website. That targeted advertising didn’t even need an anonymous login or apps!

Of course, we love Facebook, so we will use it even if the shopping suggestions are creepy. If you’re fond of being tracked, you can certainly remove yourself from Facebook, but it’s a hard choice to make if you have a lot of personal connections. Keep in mind – just because it is anonymous does not mean you are not being tracked. Facebook is not sharing your information to other apps but it does have plans that use it.