1 In 4 Facebook Users Add Location Tags To Posts

One in four Facebook users add locations to their posts, each of them doing so an average of ten times a month.

One in four Facebook users add their location to a combined total of two billion posts each month. The 200 million active users of geotagging capabilities each tag something an average of ten times a month.

That was the meat of a presentation by the company’s Product Manager Josh Williams at the Where Conference this week in San Francisco. We’ve embedded a video of his speech at the bottom of this post.

Williams said the social network’s plans to let third-party application developers embed location editing in apps, an enhancement of the previously announced ability to include location tags. The longer-term trajectory of all this was aptly described by our esteemed peer Inside Facebook:

Before August 2011, Facebook’s location data was only associated with mobile check-ins. Now users can tag locations — from countries to individual restaurants or buildings – in any post or photo they add to the site. It’s also possible for open graph apps to enable location tagging, but we haven’t seen many developers add this feature yet. For example, Spotify could allow users to share where they were when they listened to a song. This type of activity would quickly increase the amount of location data being shared on the platform.

Time is another unique feature of Facebook’s location strategy. Location-based services started by focusing on the present: “I am here now.” With timeline, users can now go back and add location information to old photo albums or life events that happened in the past.

And with the latest changes to Facebook events, users can indicate where they are going to be in the future so that others can join them. This type of data gives Facebook options for a powerful mobile location-based ad platform.

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