Facebook Live API Updates Shoot for Professional-Quality Videos

Automated encoder configuration and frame-accurate start times were added

Professional-quality Facebook Live videos?

Facebook introduced two updates to its Facebook Live API (application-programming interface) aimed at enabling publishers and developers to create professional-quality live video.

The two updates being introduced Wednesday are automated encoder configuration and frame-accurate start times. Product manager Supratik Lahiri and product marketing manager Chris Tiutan provided details in a blog post.

Automated encoder configuration was added in response to publishers’ concerns about the challenges of continually fine-tuning their encoder settings in order to ensure the consistency and stability of their livestreams, and Lahiri and Tiutan said the Facebook Live API will now automatically configure encoders to the optimal settings for Facebook Live, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

And with the addition of frame-accurate start times, developers can indicate the exact frame and moment to go live, with Lahiri and Tiutan writing, “We know having a strong start to a broadcast is important, and we’ve heard from publishers that it can be confusing to determine exactly when a Live API broadcast is in fact live to viewers. One great use case for this is to implement a countdown clock that signals to the broadcaster the exact moment when a stream is live.“

Publishers that programmatically connect to the Facebook Live API can enable these new features, or they can work with video-solutions providers that have incorporated the updates. Lahiri and Tiutan said Facebook has been working with Wowza on testing the updates, and its live-video encoding and delivery solution, ClearCaster, supports them.

More information is available via the social network’s Facebook Live API documentation.

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