Tool Uses Chat Window To Solicit Facebook Likes On Websites

Will you like our Facebook page? That's the basic premise behind Like Chat, a new tool from Virtual Person.

Before you go, there, can we talk you into liking our Facebook page? That’s the basic premise behind Like Chat, a new tool from Virtual Person.

Like Chat replaces the traditional like button on websites with a chat window in an attempt to better engage users and increase total likes. Its features include:

  • The ability to configure the chat window to display just as visitors are exiting the website.
  • A large content database that enables the application to engage visitors in conversation while pushing them to like the page.
  • The ability to provide customized answers to questions about the brand, its benefits, working hours (if applicable, such as retail stores), pricing, and contact information.
  • Automatic conversion of likes from websites to brands’ Facebook pages using the Virtual Person script.

Virtual Person Founder and Chief Executive Officer Tomer Sasson believes the next step for search engines will be to emphasize social searching, increasing the demand for Facebook likes, and he added:

That’s why it is important for companies to gain likes, and why they spend around $1 per like during various campaigns. Because we acknowledge the importance of the issue, we decided to create the next level in like generation, the Like Chat, for customers, for free.

Readers: Do you think Virtual Person’s Like Chat will be an effective tool for brands, or do you believe the chat window will strike some users as too intrusive?