Facebook Lets You Filter Friends By City

Facebook has quietly introduced a way for you to find friends in particular cities. It’s a new version of a feature it had removed when it deprecated the “networks” part of user profiles a few months ago.

Facebook friends in the city

Within the Friends page on the site, you can now filter friends by the city the live in. Slightly older versions of this page — which itself is a new version of an older friends page — only offered ways to browse based on college, high school and workplaces. The new feature could be especially valuable for people trying to find long-lost friends who might be located nearby.

Back when Facebook had regional networks, it didn’t offer this sort of filter, but offered a more general tool where users could see who else was in the regional network. This new feature is actually more precise, by showing you not just regions — which had grown to include entire countries — but just the city you list on your profile.