Facebook Launches Faulty New Feature

Message Image screenshotWhile sending messages this afternoon I noticed a new feature that Facebook has added. When you type a URL in a message it crawls the URL that you entered and looks for the first 4 images that it can find. I’m assuming that the point of this feature is to attach the image to your message. Currently it doesn’t work. Additionally, in Internet Explorer 7 the images from the site that you entered don’t even display. Facebook has been accused of launching a number of faulty features. This is another one to add to the list. I have always had high standards for Facebook but this new feature does not hold up to those standards. You would imagine that they would have tested this out on a beta site prior to launching it. Oh well! I have a feeling that this is connected to Facebook’s decision to add images and videos to wall postings. Pete Cashmore argued that this will make the site more like MySpace. I have to agree. What are they thinking? Conversely, as I covered previously the Super Wall application adds the ability to post other media to people’s walls and has become extremely popular (over 2.5 million users have added it making it the 12th most popular Facebook application). Do you think this will add a lot of value to the Facebook experience or that it will just pollute the site?

So apparently this feature isn’t new. I was just slow to recognize this. Given that it isn’t new, it is even worse that it still doesn’t work!