Facebook Integration With PS3 Becomes Official

This evening, Sony officially announced support for Facebook on the Playstation 3. While integration was first rumored last week, there is now an official video of the Facebook features which we’ve embedded below. Included in the integration is the ability to: share trophy information, share purchase information, and share game event information. Each of these features take place automatically once configured.

XBox integration officially went live today for XBox Live users who were interested in testing it out and my guess is that this launch expedited the process for PS3, who’s announcement couldn’t be more timely. One feature not supported by XBox which the Playstation 3 provides, is the ability to share information about games that you purchase via Playstation’s online store.

If you want to view your Facebook account from the Playstation 3, you can navigate to the site via the PS3’s built-in web browser. While you may not want to play a quick round of Bejeweled Blitz using the PS3 browser’s navigation controls, you’ll at least be able to view your personal updates as well as those posted by your friends. If you want more information about the Plastation 3 integration with Facebook, check out the video below or read more on the Playstation 3 blog.

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