Facebook Improves Its Tools to Let Retailers Better Target Consumers Who Made Offline Purchases

Custom audiences can be compiled of users who traveled to a brick-and-mortar store

Retailers can create custom audiences of people who have recently visited their brick-and-mortar locations.

Facebook improved its ability to help marketers determine the impact their ads on the social network have on in-store purchases and other offline outcomes with the introduction of two tools today.

Marketers can now build custom audiences made up of Facebook users who have previously made offline purchases from retailers, or they can go one step further and create lookalike audiences to help discover new potential shoppers with similar characteristics.

The social network said in a blog post that this new tool enables businesses to “dynamically re-engage shoppers” based on their previous interactions through offline channels such as stores or call centers, providing the following example: “A real estate company can automatically show an ad with its latest house listings to people who have called to schedule an open house tour in the past 30 days.”

Even more specifically, retailers can now create custom audiences populated by Facebook users who have recently visited their brick-and-mortar locations.

Facebook said in its blog post that thousands of businesses across more than a dozen countries are currently eligible to use its store visits reporting functionality, and those businesses can now begin creating the new custom audiences mentioned above.

The social network offered the following example: “An apparel brand may use these custom audiences to show an ad with its new winter arrivals to people who have visited its locations. It can also choose to exclude in-store customers, for example, when running a promotion available only for new customers.”

Product marketing manager Gabriel Francis said in an email to Adweek, “Businesses have long desired ways to understand how their digital ads can drive more offline value—where most sales happen. With these products, businesses can get more from digital by re-engaging their offline shoppers with more relevant and meaningful campaigns on Facebook.”

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