Facebook hires: engineering, public policy, engineering, more

Facebook hired engineers and marketers this week, according to its LinkedIn feed and Careers page. The company also appeared to hire a manager of State and Local Public Policy – California and legal counsel in its India office.

As we covered Tuesday, the company also hired the team behind Android photo sharing app Lightbox.

New hires per LinkedIn and other sources:

  • Alex Bakhturin, Software Engineer – former software engineer at DoubleGIS.
  • Steven Kim, Software Engineer – former software developer at Microsoft.
  • Ali Amin, System’s Tech Engineer – former mobile test engineer at TeleCommunication Systems.
  • Matias Castello, Platform Partnerships – former analyst in venture capital at DN Capital.
  • Ray Tong, Decision Support Analyst – former information systems intern at IMAX.
  • Glenn Davis, Strategist, Global Marketing Solutions – former manager of society and technology research at Mercedes-Benz.

Prior listings now removed from the Facebook Careers Page:

  • Manager, State and Local Public Policy, California
  • Legal Counsel (Hyderabad)
  • Data Engineer, Enterprise BI
  • User Interface Engineer, Marketing
  • Manager Infrastructure Engineering 120401
  • Keynote Presentation Designer
  • Senior Analyst, Custom Market Insights (New York)
  • Research Manager
  • Learning and Development Consultant (Hyderabad)
  • IT Field Support Manager (Dublin)
  • Head of Creative, B2B Marketing
  • Head of Retail, Global Vertical Marketing
  • Platform Product Marketing Manager
  • Partner Engineer, Marketing Solutions (Chicago)
  • Partner Engineer, Mobile, HTML5
  • Marketing Manager (Singapore)
  • Marketing Manager (Sydney) – Contract
  • Marketing Manager, Japan (Tokyo)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Prepaid Card Partnerships
  • Account Manager, Global Marketing Solutions, Politics (Washington, DC)
  • Account Manager, QSR (New York)
  • Account Manager, Entertainment (Los Angeles)
  • Ad Operations Analyst, Global Marketing Solutions (Austin)
  • Media Solutions, Norwegian (Dublin)
  • Media Solutions, Swedish (Dublin)
  • Agency Development Lead – US
  • Client Partner, QSR (Atlanta, Dallas or Chicago)
  • Client Partner (Tokyo)
  • Client Partner (Seoul)
  • Head of Sales, Poland/CEE (London)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Prepaid Card Partnerships
  • Strategic Partner Manager, Gaming (Tokyo)
  • Account Manager – Gaming, (Dublin)
  • Associate, Business Operations, API
  • Analyst, Risk Operations (Hyd)
  • Associate, User Operations, Intellectual Property (Austin)
  • Technology Partner, Finance
  • Associate, Business Operations, Mid-Market Sales (Austin)
  • Administrative Assistant (New York)
  • Administrative Assistant – Mobile

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