Facebook Hires and Vacancies: Communications, Global Marketing, Mobile and Design

Facebook has been adding and removing needs at some key positions in the past week.

Specifically, the company removed the Privacy Counsel position from its page, as well as the Global Product Marketing Manager of both Games and Platform, a Manager of Policy Communications gig and the Global Marketing Manager of the Facebook Platform position. We also hear that Alon Sobol, former VP Products at Mig33, was hired as Head of Mobile Partnerships based out of Facebook’s Singapore offices.

New hires per LinkedIn:

  • Andy Mitchell – Manager Strategic Media Partnership, formerly VP of Business Development of The Daily Beast.
  • Frankie Rae Callahan – Training Principal at Facebook, formerly Associate Principal at Google.
  • Eugene Zarakhovsky – Software Engineer, formerly a Senior Director of Technology in iLike at MySpace.
  • Cenk Medeni – Analyst, formerly of YoungGuns Agency.
  • Benjamin Joffe – Developer Intern of User Interface Engineering, formerly a Front End Developer at Yahoo.
  • Linda Teng – Market Strategist, was a Web and Mobile Developer at Xtreme Mobility, Inc.
  • Charlton Gholson – Agency Account Manager, formerly of Rubicon Project as a Yield Management Specialist.
  • Lindsay Turner – Technical Recruiter, formerly University Relations Manager at Apple.
  • Marisa Elizabeth Zuiderweg, Recruiter at Facebook, formerly Talent Manager at ReputationDefender.
  • Serden Eren – Platform Operations Analyst, previously a Sales Engineer at Medyasoft.
  • Kathleen Huber – Safety Ambassador, formerly a User Operations Intern.
  • Alison Purvis – Contractor in User Operations.
  • Maria Arriaza Relinque – Account Manager in Spain.

Other new hires:

  • Alon Sobol – Head of Mobile Partnerships for Facebook in Asia based in Singapore, formerly Vice President of Products for Mig33.
  • Keith Schact – Product Manager, formerly ran a Facebook games and apps company called Crafted Fun.
  • Tiffani Jones Brown – Facebook Content Strategy and Communication Design team, formerly of Things That Are Brown.
  • Matt Brown – Matt Brown, Facebook Content Strategy and Communication Design team, formerly of Second and Park.

Recent vacancies, per LinkedIn:

  • Katherine Nelson – formerly Engineering Recruiting at Facebook, now Recruiting at Mozilla.
  • Adam Caplan – formerly Business Process Analyst at Facebook, now Technical Project Manager at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Prior listings removed from the Facebook Careers Page:

  • Privacy Counsel
  • Global Product Marketing Manager, Games
  • Global Product Marketing Manager, Platform
  • Manager, Policy Communications
  • MBA Intern, Platform Operations
  • Global Marketing Manager, Facebook Platform
  • Associate Manager, Ad Operations (Dublin)
  • DSO Account Manager (Hong Kong)
  • DSO Account Manager, Japanese (Singapore)
  • Web Developer – Marketing
  • Automation Tools Engineer
  • Background Check Coordinator – Contractor
  • People Services Representative – Contractor
  • Recruiting Lead International Team
  • Decision Support Analyst
  • Network Engineer, 1101002
  • Developer Site/Support Engineer
  • Manager, Developer Site & Support
  • Partner Engineering, Mobile (SMS and Mobile Sites)
  • Partner Engineering Mobile
  • Measurement Researcher (Palo Alto)
  • Partner Innovation Specialist
  • Analyst, Internet Marketing
  • Sales Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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