Facebook highlights ability to drive traffic to third-party mobile apps

Facebook shared some new statistics today about the growth some mobile apps have seen since integrating with the social network’s platform.

In the past month the company has been building a case that it can help drive traffic and engagement to apps and websites off-Facebook. For years many developers felt they had to build on Facebook’s site rather than their own to achieve scale. The social network seems to now be urging developers to create experiences wherever they want — third-party sites, iOS, Android — as long as they incorporate Facebook’s social capabilities. This strategy could improve the perception of the company among developers and investors.

Today Head of Mobile Developer Relations James Pearce wrote a blog post about how BranchOut, Diamond Dash, Foodspotting, The Washington Post Social Reader and Yahoo apps have grown as the result of mobile Facebook integrations like single sign-on and Open Graph.

Professional networking web app BranchOut, now has more than 350,000 visitors from Facebook mobile every day, a 20x increase since the start of the year. According to our own AppData tracking service, the BranchOut app has about five times as many total monthly active users than it did before integrating Open Graph in January, and is growing at a much faster rate than it had been.

Diamond Dash, a native iOS game, gets more than 1.9 million monthly visitors to its mobile app from Facebook. This is three times as much as they saw before implementing Facebook single sign-on. Foodspotting, a native mobile app that lets people recommend and discover food dishes, experienced a 3x increase in visits and activities shared on Facebook with single sign-on and Open Graph. Daily and monthly active users are up again this month after a period of decline and stagnation last year, according to AppData.

The Washington Post Social Reader, which has a canvas app, mobile web app and native mobile apps, receives more than 10 million visitors from Facebook every month.The company says this is five times higher than its projected target. The Washington Post has the second most popular Open Graph news application, as we covered Monday. First is Yahoo, which Facebook says gets 1.6 million mobile web visitors a day from the social network.