Facebook Having A Hard Month With Like And Share Buttons

Dislike IconThe past few weeks have been difficult for Facebook as the company has battled with errors in the Platform that are causing like and share buttons to have issues. Approximately two weeks ago the company acknowledged the issue and then thought it was resolved. However the Like button bug has now been reopened and there are two like bugs with high priorities.

Many have noticed that the Facebook Share button has been down for much of the past couple weeks as Facebook attempts to resolve the problem. While we clearly don’t have details on the technical challenges being faced by the development team at Facebook, it’s most definitely a significant technical problem as it has caused much of the sharing platforms to be plagued with downtime or result in multiple error messages.

The bottom line is that things haven’t been smooth sailing for the past few weeks. While the company is actively pushing to make the transition over to the new Open Graph, bugs in the system are frustrating many developers as well as general website owners who have Like and Share buttons on their sites.

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