Facebook Has Introduced a Mobile Discovery Platform For Game Developers

Facebook has introduced a new pilot program for small developers to release their mobile games through the Facebook app called Mobile Games Publishing. The social network will promote select games across their mobile apps. The effort gives smaller developers a chance to show off their games to a larger audience and it gives Facebook users access to new games.

Here is more from the Facebook blog:

With more than 800 million monthly users of our mobile apps and more than 260 million people playing games on Facebook, we are using our unique reach and targeting capabilities to help games in our program find and engage a valuable audience of the right users. This program is designed to reach people who already play games on Facebook with new games that may interest them. For example, we will help strategy game fans find strategy games and casual game enthusiasts find casual games.

In exchange for the placement, developers must share revenues with Facebook. The company hasn’t yet revealed what the split would look like, but they presenting more about the new platform at Casual Connect in San Francisco at 2pm PT today.