Facebook Redesign Clarifies That Groups Aren't Promos

A new layout replaces a group's profile picture with a slide of the group members' profile pictures.

We just noticed a subtle change to the layout of Facebook groups: The new layout replaces a group’s profile picture with a slide of the group members’ profile pictures.

For months now, we have been convincing users that they should use fan pages to promote their brands, businesses and products on Facebook, as opposed to groups.

This new layout change is a clever reminder that groups are designed for rapid communication between people involved with the same project, cause or company.

We have seen a growing amount of resentment building against brands who use groups, due to the annoying notifications they produce and the opt-out structure of joining them.

The design change also gives a clearer view of who is in the group, with a user count and links to the group’s events, photos and documents.

Guest writer Hector Kolonas is managing director at Ektagon.