Facebook for iPad App Finally Entering the App Store

The iPad has been available for over a year and half. However, Facebook has ignored the iPad for most of this time. Rumors of an official iPad app started around mid-June this past summer. There are a number of articles announcing the long awaited availability of the official Facebook for iPad app. However, none of these articles provide a link to the announcement or the app in the iTunes App Store. The app does not appear to be live in the App Store yet, but here are links to help you find the app when it becomes available.

The announcement on Facebook is found at:


It provides a collection of screenshots and descriptions of its major features:

1. Enjoy bigger, better photos
2. Navigate anywhere, fast (tap, slide pinch to navigate around the app)
3. Play games on the go
4. Focus on what matters (zoom in on photos, updates and stories)
5. Never lose your place (notifications and bookmarks)
6. Tap to send messages (dropdown menu to scan and send messages)

The “Get the App” link at the bottom of the announcement page leads to the current Facebook for iPhone 3.5 app that was last updated on September 6. So, it appears that the app is an upgrade to the current iPhone-only app (i.e., it is now a Universal app).

Facebook for iOS (iTunes App Store)

I do not see an updated app yet. However, this is not unusual for app updates.

Via GigaOm: Finally: Facebook debuts native iPad app