Facebook for Every Phone, Snaptu, Facebook Marketing, Kobe Bryant, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Mobile, marketing and sports were popular on our list of the fastest growing Facebook pages this week.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 441,600 to 3.8 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NameTotal LikesPeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Programa Pânico4,845,46370,766+9,874+3,842,060
2   Facebook for Every Phone91,990,1542,854,483+343,111+2,773,409
3   Snaptu8,150,7158,008+1,402,809+1,407,182
4   Facebook Solutions Entrep…1,411,339593+7,286+1,392,659
5   Facebook-Marketingkonzepte1,411,1731,756+7,472+1,387,624
6   Facebook Marketing1,411,4249,738+7,209+1,375,171
7   Facebook Marketing1,411,2711,718+7,357+1,368,611
8   Facebook Marketing1,411,328727+7,299+1,361,051
9   Facebook Marketing1,410,6801,325+7,603+1,354,284
10   Facebook Marketing1,411,162933+7,482+1,345,123
11   Listening to music5,546,585338,005+261,116+1,035,428
12   Leo Messi36,095,834218,372+25,586+751,247
13   Kobe Bryant12,877,578143,113+12,459+539,475
14   Adele29,268,531571,120+74,417+530,207
15   Titanic24,392,905497,230+58,145+470,336
16   Target12,906,579466,823+98,646+463,812
17   Big Babol Official Page462,78777+1+456,087
18   Facebook67,323,681516,358+62,223+445,888
19   Ray-Ban3,929,644448,047+59,280+444,624
20   Rihanna56,570,407569,172+65,877+441,564

Brazilian TV show Programa Pânico topped our list after a huge single day spike, which is likely the result of page consolidation. Facebook for Every Phone and Snaptu took No. 2 and No. 3, respectively. Interestingly, Facebook for Every Phone is the mobile application for feature phones that was built by Snaptu. The social network acquired Snaptu in 2011. The Snaptu page hasn’t been updated since then, so its growth seems to be from page consolidation. The Facebook for Every Phone page continues to have a lot of momentum following the app’s recent product updates.

A group of Facebook marketing pages in different languages took the next seven spots on the list. This seems to be related to a test that lets pages customize their presence for different regions while maintaining a unified total Like count across all pages.

Athletes Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant made the list likely because of their recent performances. Target continues to grow as the result of its Sponsored Stories campaign. Ray-Ban is heavily promoting its new Legends campaign with a Facebook app. The page is also sharing posts to past points on its Timeline.

Italian gum company Big Babol seems to have also grown from page consolidation. AdeleTitanic and Rihanna continue to appear on our list as the result of organic growth and momentum.