Facebook Finally Becomes a Social Networking Site

Aside from the new version of its iPhone application, Facebook has also did some minor retouching of its main site, i.e. Facebook.com. First thing first. If you want to see this “retouched” home page, make sure you sign out of Facebook.com first. Then go back to the site again and you will see the new Facebook home page.

So, what’s the first thing you’d notice when you visit the Facebook.com site? It’s pretty obvious, Facebook is displaying a new tagline. The statement – “Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you”. This tagline was replaced with the statement – “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” If you would recall the old tagline was cited by Facebook customer reps when a user created multiple Facebook accounts, which the CS termed as fake accounts. This was the subject of many debates and discussion when it broke out so long ago.

In addition, the new Facebook.com site also eliminated other phrases before which pointed out the restrictions that Facebook wanted to impose on the site. These phrases include

  • Keep up with friends and family
  • Share photos and videos
  • Control privacy online
  • Reconnect with old classmates.

Graphically, the new Facebook.com site is now displaying an image of people from all over the world interconnected through Facebook. Hence, Facebook has finally become a social network.

Hopefully this would be enough to entice new members to sign up to Facebook. And clarifies as well, what Facebook really is all about. Unless of course Facebook has other meanings to the new tagline. Hopefully people in your life does not refer only to friends and family but also those whom you just met and you’re trying to make acquiantances with.