Static HTML Remains Facebook's Fastest Growing App

Static HTML maintains its steady lead on the weekly growth leaderboard, but the trend overall encounters slower seven-day totals.

Static HTML maintains its steady lead on the weekly growth leaderboard, but the trend overall encounters slower seven-day totals.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs4,700,00067,000,0005,900,000
2. Static Iframe Tab1,900,00031,800,0004,900,000
3. Hidden Chronicles790,0001,800,0001,210,000
4. Yahoo1,400,00012,400,0001,200,000
5. BandPage by RootMusic1,500,00025,700,0001,000,000
6. Causes390,0007,200,000900,000
7. TripAdvisor900,00014,300,000900,000
8. Words With Friends8,400,00017,500,000900,000
9. BandRx400,0007,800,000800,000
10. Texas HoldEm Poker6,600,00030,300,000700,000
11. Washington Post Social Reader580,0005,600,000700,000
12. Family Tree470,0006,200,000600,000
13. My Calendar180,0001,900,000600,000
14. Pinterest1,400,0006,300,000600,000
15. Invite Your Friends Button for Pages140,0001,700,000500,000
16. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab590,00011,900,000500,000
17. Spotify4,700,00013,100,000500,000
18. Tetris Battle3,300,00011,400,000500,000
19. Truth Game200,0003,200,000500,000
20. Empires & Allies2,600,00014,300,000400,000

Page Tools

Witnessing a 10 percent growth figure, Static HTML: iframe tabs – from developer Mensing – remains in first place with a page view and tabs built total of 5.9 million. Close competition is presented by Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab tool found just short of first place by an estimated one million growth increase.

Invite Your Friends Button for Pages is a newcomer to the countdown in the 15th spot; the title amasses a 500,000 growth total. Losing ground, Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab‘s decreasing 500,000 increase number places it in 16th.


Zynga strikes again making four noteworthy impressions throughout the countdown. The developer’s latest hit, Hidden Chronicles, ranks in third gaining 1.2 million new players. Struggling in eighth, Words With Friends collects a smaller 900,000 weekly growth increase.

Giving away free playing chips pays off for Texas HoldEm Poker, and the card game progresses to the center of the countdown welcoming 700,000 more gamers. An older app from the developer, Empires & Allies, occupies the final position and reappears sending 400,000 social networkers on a pursuit to build up their own territories.

Continuing to slip to the 18th position, Tetris Battle ends earning a diminishing 500,000 growth statistic.


Social news remains prevalent on Facebook. Yahoo increases its placement to fourth synching 1.2 million accounts. Washington Post Social Reader earns a 700,000 comeback total – kicking off the second half of the countdown.

TripAdvisor, found in seventh place, helps plan getaways for another 900,000 people. Cold Lab Brew’s Pinterest continues to rapidly increase in total users and 600,000 have connected their Facebook account information to the network within the past week.

Spotify‘s placement will be interesting to monitor as decreasing hours of listening time will be allotted to users with free accounts. Currently, the app ranks in 17th place with 500,000 social networkers sharing music selections.


Applications improving presences for musicians and bands on the social network compete this week: BandPage by RootMusic and BandRx are found four places apart in fifth and ninth place, respectively. The first application tallies a one million weekly growth increase and the second a 800,000 total.


Causes loses its typical momentum of recent weeks and settles for sixth garnering 900,000 additions. Family Tree shares follows a similar pattern in 12th picking up a 600,000 increase.


WeDoApps sees steady growth in the placement My Calendar; a 600,000 growth total pushes the app forward to 13th. Truth Game comes in 19th, 500,000 additions.

Readers, have you found yourself addicted to any of this week’s fastest growing apps?