Facebook Platform Bug Exploited To Show Users Their Recent Profile Visitors

-Footstamp Icon-If there was one application that every Facebook user wants, this would be it. The Footstamp application was recently created and opened up to users on an invite-only basis, allowing participants to view the users who recently visited their profile. The developers clearly put a lot of thought into the application, as there is a pretty slick design with advanced settings included, to track visitors to any user’s profile.

The application, which was first brought to our attention by Mobile Inc, is a practical G-d send for users as they can view their last 20 visitors to their profile as well as the top 20 most frequent. Every Facebook user would love access to this information, however Facebook has quickly shut down any applications which provided such information to users in the past.

My guess is that Footstamp will suffer the same fate but not before a few lucky users find out who their biggest stalkers are. Trakzor was the first to launch a profile tracking application back in 2007, however the service became less useful as Facebook began forcing the developers to add more restrictions to the application, the most significant of which was requiring users to opt-in to use the service.

Since Trakzor launched, a number of other applications attempted to surface profile visit data, however they’ve all been shut down quickly. If you happen to know the developer behind Footstamp, you may want to get an invite quickly before Facebook eliminates it from existence.

-Footstamp Screenshot-

-Footstamp Screenshot 2-