Facebook continues to test ways to increase event RSVPs

eventsFacebook continues to implement tests that seek to make its events product more useful for event organizers and increase attendance. The latest test involves changing the RSVP option “maybe” to “interested.” There are also larger “join” buttons on some mobile stories about events.

Users in the test group can indicate that they are interested in an event or select existing options of “join” and “decline.” It’s likely that many users do not respond to event invitations at all. This change could increase response rates and encourage more users to connect to an event, even if they don’t commit to attend right away. This would allow event promoters to reach more people with details ahead of an event.


Another recent development is larger “join” or “invite friends” buttons on event stories on mobile Timeline. This doesn’t seem to have rolled out to the mobile News Feed yet, but if it did, it could increase RSVPs. For now, events in the mobile feed require users to tap to navigate to the event page and then tap to join or invite friends.


Last month, Facebook tried different ways to encourage users to share events with their friends, including suggested invites and prompts to post about the event. It added a “buy tickets” button to event pages and stories, making links to ticket purchasing sites more prominent. The social network also redesigned event pages to include a large cover photo similar to the groups layout. Further, we’ve heard that the Facebook Events team is exploring options to monetize the product in new ways.