Facebook Continues to Make Big Changes

Following yesterday’s announcement that Facebook will be ending forced invites, Tom Whitnah has announced yet another significant change to the Facebook invites system. The new system “will be based on the rate that users accept and ignore requests, whether an application ignores user requests to skip inviting friends, as well as other metrics that reflect the affinity users show for the application as a whole.”

My guess is that the affinity metric will be related to the overall rating that users provide for any given application. This new system shows that Facebook is taking their invite system seriously and as such we will see a significant reduction in spam. We also will see a number of larger applications get hit significantly. Previously applications were limited to sending out 40 notifications per day per user and by the end of the week the average number of notifications will be limited to 10 per application.

I’ve had developers who’s livelihood rely on the success of their application contacting me to express how these new changes will negatively impact their application. I’m sure there are others that will be positively impacted but I haven’t heard from those individuals so far. I would expect a number of applications to rapidly die off as a result of these changes, especially those that have been using notifications as spam. Do you think these changes are good?