Facebook Celebrity War, from Lily Allen to Katy Perry

-Lily Allen and Katy Perry-I thought the pettiness of teenagers acting out on Facebook was enough. But celebrities aren’t ones to miss out on all the fun either. Singer Katy Perry offended pop star Lily Allen when she referred to herself as a “skinnier version” of Allen, reports Celebuzz. The war of the words continued when Allen called Perry “crass” but only got nastier when Allen threatened to post Perry’s phone number on Facebook.

Now this is just my personal opinion, but wouldn’t it be easy enough for Perry to change her number? It might be a pain in the rear end, but such a threat from Allen doesn’t seem all that dangerous. I suppose we should be thankful that the celebrity war has only gone this far.

Of course, we tend to find the fact that Allen used Facebook for her threat’s conduit to be the most interesting aspect of the story. It really demonstrates the social pull that Facebook can have, on even a celebrity’s life. Way to go, Facebook. You’ve become a social staple in the lives of public figures around the world, and have become powerful enough to make Perry’s life a living hell, if only for a day. Then again, having one’s phone number publicized could be a good thing–it worked for Mike Jones.

At any rate, we don’t condone this type of behavior. Facebook, while a reflection of true human nature at times, should not be used for threats. Especially not in the public sense. Allen should read up on the stories of a few teenagers that have been arrested for harassing others on social networks before she actually goes through with this.

Image credit Perez Hilton