Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice Coulda Been a Facebook Ad

The latest in Burger King’s marketing ploy; the Whopper Sacrifice. Get rid of some friends on Facebook, and Burger King will give you a coupon for a free Whopper. 10 friends, to be exact. And don’t think that sloughing off 30 friends will land you 3 hamburgers–there’s a 1 coupon limit per user.

It’s a pretty hilarious application when you think about it. Burger King wants to know how far you’re willing to go for a Whopper. Will you sacrifice 10 friends? A lot of you will. Nearly 10,000 Facebook users have added this application so far, so it looks like Burger King’s little strategy is working. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. From the Burger King mascot to the Whopper Virgins video that’s spreading across the web, Burger King has dominated the genius of branding tactics for a few years now.

So even though the Whopper Sacrifice application’s demands of losing friends doesn’t really have anything to do with Burger King or the Whopper, this application works. It’s gotten the attention of thousands, and I’m even thinking of knocking off a few acquaintances myself in exchange for a tasty Whopper. I wonder if they’ll make me pay extra for cheese.

Even though Facebook has increased its relationship with Microsoft, the business model for the social network is still unclear. Given the success of marketing campaigns such as Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice, finding a way to collaborate or partner with brands for such advertising applications could be additionally beneficial for Facebook as well. Nick mentioned earlier today that having a more involved advertising platform is one option for Facebook to generate more revenue, and as more brands look to applications on social networking platforms it’s certainly an option to be explored.

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