Facebook Breaks iFrame Apps In Safari And Firefox, Developers Waiting On Fix

Last night Facebook pushed out a change to the platform which essentially broke all iFrame applications in Safari and Firefox browsers. It has been over 16 hours and developers are still waiting on a fix. In fact over 5,200 developers have voted up a bug highlighting the issue.

While Facebook has acknowledged the bug, there appears to be no fix yet. One would imagine that Facebook would be able to push back any changes rolled out to the Platform last night in order to fix the problem. Hopefully our blog post draws some attention to the issue which has forced all developers to scramble to fix their applications. The timing is definitely unfortunate as the company has been moving away from FBML and is pushing developers to use iFrames when building on the platform.

Granted, this is the not first time that a problem like this has happened on the Platform, but as developers rush to plug the bug by developing hotfixes, it ends up eating valuable resources within companies. I’m sure Facebook will fix the problem in the coming hours, but in the meantime developers will have to standby until the problem is resolved.

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