Facebook Basketball

This afternoon I got sucked into banging on my computer mouse trying to get a simple digital basketball into the hoop. It’s a simple concept but for some reason nobody else has built a good Facebook basketball game so far on the site. I’m not quite sure why nobody has made a Facebook basketball game but this one sucked me in for at least 45 minutes as I tried to continuously beat my own high score.

The Hot Shots game has been successful at attracting close to 56,000 players. The game accepts both single player and multi-player. Playing is easy. All you do is drag your mouse around and click on your mouse button. I’m not sure if there are any other Facebook basketball games but this is so far the best one that I’ve played. I’ve played a fair number of games on Facebook and I’d say this one is one of the simpler ones.

The multiplayer version of Hot Shots is turn based like most other games on Facebook. Unfortunately though when I tried playing the multiplayer version, it ended up reverting back to single player. While perhaps a little misleading, the game did appear to get the job done. I was playing it for almost an hour but chance are good that I won’t go back again. If you are looking to waste a little bit of time I highly recommend checking out Hot Shots Basketball.

Hot Shots Basketball Screenshot