Facebook Launching New Audio Product?

-Facebook Audio Icon-There are four primary types of media: text, audio, video, and photos, however Facebook has yet to introduce a product which enables users to share audio content. One of our readers has noticed that the insights area includes an “Audio” section under media consumption. It has been there for a while and is even referenced in Facebook’s help section however it doesn’t make sense because there’s no product currently linked to this and no data is showing up.

Does this mean that Facebook will soon launch a stand alone audio product? I sure hope so! There are currently a number of third party applications being offered that enabled users to record audio on the go but Facebook could most definitely launch their own version. Audio is one of the most important forms of communication and to be able to leave audio messages to other people directly on their wall would be extremely useful.

Facebook is all about sharing information between users and this includes any form of content (as long as it’s not explicit). While we have no details on what that Audio section is for, I will reach out to Facebook to see if they have any more information. The “Audio” checkbox within the Page Insights area has been around for at least two weeks if not longer but I haven’t found anybody that has covered the rationale behind this feature.

While I’m hoping Facebook will launch their own audio product, at this point we can’t definitively state that one will be offered in the near future. Do you think Facebook Audio would be a useful product?

Thanks to Sam Cornwell for the tip.