Facebook Audience Network Expands Offerings

Carousel ads, dynamic product ads and click-to-play video experiences are now available via Facebook Audience Network.

Carousel ads, dynamic product ads and click-to-play video experiences are now available via Facebook Audience Network.

The social network also announced that native video ads can be added to applications by Facebook Audience Network advertisers.

Facebook Audience Network launched in May 2014 as a way for developers to incorporate the social network’s advertising features, particularly targeting, into their apps.

Software engineer Erika Washburn detailed how developers can add native video ads to their apps in a post on the Facebook developer blog:

Over the past six months, we have seen good publisher adoption of native ads: Roughly five times more apps now using native ads. By upgrading to the latest SDK (software-development kit) and utilizing the MediaView, publishers can now bring the video ads experience from Facebook directly to their apps. Video demand will also compete with native display in the same auction to maximize yield for each impression served.


She also detailed the three new formats available to Facebook Audience Network advertisers who already use the mobile ad network’s full-screen interstitials:

  • Carousel ads: The carousel format gives advertisers more creative real estate in full-screen interstitials to showcase compelling imagery for their mobile app. They can showcase up to five images within a single ad unit.


  • Dynamic product ads: These are ads that enable advertisers to create relevant and timely ads based on the products people have visited on their app. Retailers and e-commerce businesses with large product catalogs that want to create personalized ads for their shoppers can get a lot out of these formats.
  • Click-to-play video: Full screen interstitials also deliver click-to-play video experiences while providing people with complete control over their experience.

Washburn concluded:

We have a deep understanding of what formats perform well and drive engagement on Facebook News Feed and are taking two of our best-performing units and making them available off Facebook to further empower Audience Network publishers and help drive results for advertisers.

More information is available via the social network’s native ads mobile monetization page.

Readers: What have your experiences with Facebook Audience Network been like?

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