Facebook as a Phonebook

My friend Andrew Cafourek picked up a pretty cool feature within the Facebook mobile application: a phonebook. I’m not quite sure how long the phonebook has been available but it is pretty darn useful. Remember the good ol’ days when we used to converse with each other rather than twitter each other? Now you can call up your friends thanks to the easily accessible Facebook phonebook!

Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call me sometime soon. This concept of speaking with people verbally is a fascinating one! Given that this is on the mobile application, I’m assuming it is easily accesible from your phone. Forget adding all of your contacts to your phone, just add them to Facebook! Actually, that would be ok if Facebook enabled you to export your contacts but unfortunately they don’t. I’m not quite sure why they are so concerned about export functionality considering LinkedIn enables you to.

Will you be using the phonebook application?

Mobile phonebook screenshot