5 Clever Facebook April Fools' Jokes

Tomorrow is April Fools' day, which means pranksters around the globe will be jumping at the opportunity to punk their friends. Here's the five most clever April fools jokes to pull on Facebook.

April Fools IconTomorrow is April Fools’ day, which means pranksters around the globe will be jumping at the opportunity to punk their friends. Here’s the five most clever April Fools’ jokes to pull on Facebook.

Change Your Relationship Status

This one can be pretty clever if you are the type of person who changes their relationship status infrequently. The only thing you’ll want to make sure of is that if you are in a relationship, your significant other knows that you are pulling the prank, unless you are extremely close to them. The joke is on your friends, not the person you are dating!!

Post A Photoshopped Photo

One of the more evil ways of pranking your friends is by taking a photo of yourself in which you pretent to be injured. Alternatively, you can Photoshop the damage. Clearly, you want to post an image which looks realistic. Most people don’t post pictures of themselves with a metal steak shooting through their chest. But broken arms and legs, or other common injuries are fair game.

Leg Cast

Post Photos Of Someone Else

One entertaining thing you can do is to change your name and completely replace all your photos with pictures of someone else. The only problem with this prank is that you’re going to need to go back and find all the photos of the real you once the joke is over. The only way this joke will work is if people are regularly checking your profile. Additionally, your friends will probably think that you’ve simply unfriended them when they search for your name and you don’t show up. The best way to make this prank work is to combine it with the last prank listed in this article.

Change Your Birthday To April 1st

This one may be pretty obvious and while you may anger your friends whose birthdays are actually April 1, it will be fun to watch how many people actually end up wishing you a happy birthday.

Comment Bomb Your Friend

Pick a target and comment on every single post one of your friends ever posted. Aside from scaring them into believing you are their new stalker, they’ll be wondering why you took so much time to post on every single story they ever published. Keep in mind that this trick will probably take a solid 10 hours to complete, but who needs to work when you’ve got pranks to pull off, right? The result is that your friend’s notification inbox will be filled up with all the comments you publish. It’s subtle but a clever way to really mess with one of your friends.

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