Facebook Page Tools Outgrow All Other Applications

Facebook page creation tools have the most growth this week, including some that haven't appeared on our charts before.

Facebook page creation tools have the most growth this week, including some that haven’t appeared on our charts before.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs5,600,00072,200,0009,600,000
2. Static Iframe Tab1,500,00025,300,0007,200,000
3. Yahoo1,100,0006,200,0001,900,000
4. Mafia Wars 21,500,00017,000,0001,300,000
5. Scribd710,00013,500,0001,100,000
6. FarmVille7,500,00030,400,0001,000,000
7. TakeThisLollipop150,00010,100,0001,000,000
8. 21 questions740,0008,900,000900,000
9. Ravenskye City1,500,0007,300,000800,000
10. Skype2,100,0008,400,000800,000
11. The Guardian400,0002,600,000800,000
12. Washington Post Social Reader360,0002,000,000700,000
13. ShareAndTell.com90,0001,600,000630,000
14. Bubble Witch Saga2,500,0007,400,000600,000
15. Hosted iFrame170,0002,800,000600,000
16. Mis Fotos470,0002,700,000600,000
17. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab440,0009,900,000600,000
18. Between You and Me270,0003,000,000500,000
19. iframe static html tab app for Pages300,0002,100,000500,000
20. SocialTimes iFrames Wizard130,000840,000490,000

Page Tools

Reclaiming the leading spot, Static HTML: iframe tabs takes over with a massive 9.6 million new tabs built and viewed. Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab advances takes a single place to second collecting a weekly growth total of 7.2 million.

Hosted iFrame comes in 17th with a 600,000 adds. Ending just two behind, iframe static html tab app for Pages is a new entrant to the list, with 500,000 adds this week.

Man, this name sounds familiar but there’s connection: SocialTimes iFrames Wizard is another new total helping page administrators. The app ranks 20th this week 490,000 in growth.

A little ways up in 17th, Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab is no stranger to the countdown but drops by more than half in comparison to its previous ranking. The app settles for a decreasing 600,000 increase.


As more people opt for the Facebook-synchonized version of Yahoo News, it moves up one step from last week to finish in third, with 1.9 million new users over the past seven days.

For similar reasons, The Guardian and Washington Post Social Reader appear on the rankings this week, in 11th and 12th place, respectively, adding 800,000 and 700,000 readers apiece.

The document-sharing application Scribd has more new users logging in via Facebook Connect, so the app ranks three places higher this week than last, as 1.1 new users put it in 5th place.

Meanwhile, Skype climbs up the chart four places from last week, finishing in ninth by synching 800,000 accounts. Free goods site ShareAndTell.com finishes lower than it did last week, coming in 13th with 630,000 adds.


Zynga’s edgiest game Mafia Wars 2 rounds up 1.3 million players for a fourth place ranking, while the developer’s old favorite FarmVille moves up in the ranking to sixth place, with one million adds this week.

Ravenskye City, developed by 6waves, gets 800,000 new players to come in ninth. In 14th place, King.com’s Bubble Witch Saga has 600,000 new users this week.

Just For Fun

The short horror video Take This Lollipop that had topped this list last week is now losing momentum; a mere one million additions this week results in a seventh-place finish.

Turbulence’s Mis Fotos returns to our list after a long absence, finishing in 16th with 600,000 additions.


Just when we thought we had seen the last of them, question apps have returned to our list. At one point the number one finisher, 21 questions is back in eighth place with 900,000 additions. Also returning: Between You and Me comes in 18th, with 500,000 new users.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of this week’s fastest growing apps?