Facebook Apparently Hacked | Flipboard for Android Coming | Skype-Windows 8 Integration

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Just Like the Share Price, Facebook Goes Down After Being Hacked (Daily Mail)
Facebook experienced service outages for portions of its 900 million users Thursday after the social networking site was apparently targeted by a hacking group. The mass outages for the famously reliable social networking site capped off a topsy-turvy two weeks for co-founder Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook’s stock closed at $29.60 per share on Thursday, down 22 percent from its offering price of $38. The New York Times On Valentine’s Day, Nick Bergus came across a link to an odd product on Amazon.com: a 55-gallon barrel of … personal lubricant. He posted the link on Facebook, adding a comment: “For Valentine’s Day. And every day. For the rest of your life.” Facebook — or rather, one of its algorithms — had seen his post as an endorsement and transformed it into an advertisement, paid for by Amazon. VentureBeat If you have a great idea or application that uses the Facebook platform for human rights, the company just might give you a sweet $20,000 prize for your efforts. The cash is part of the Access Innovation Prize and is offered in partnership with Access, the tech human rights organization. Mashable A recent Facebook update lets page administrators schedule posts in advance, similar to the scheduling functions of HootSuite and other third-party apps. However, users quickly noticed flaws in the user interface — that is, if they could even find the feature at all. CNET Facebook has apparently booted Google’s Chrome browser off of its supported browser list, instead highlighting Opera, according to Favbrowser, which managed to cache a page with the note (the page no longer appears). The switch is particularly poignant with speculation flaring up that Facebook is interested in acquiring Opera. AllFacebook The question of whether registered sex offenders should be allowed to use Facebook and other social networks found its way into a courtroom again Thursday, this time in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, Ind., where Judge Tanya Walton Pratt said she would rule within one month on whether a state law banning the practice is constitutional.

Hands on With Windows 8 Release Preview: It’s All About the Apps (Wired)
Windows users are one step closer to getting a major system facelift — and if the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system build tells us anything, it’s that the company is putting the system’s strongest focus on home-grown software. Because Bing has agreements with Twitter and Facebook — the world’s two biggest news-sharing social networks — the News app can pull what people are sharing across search, Facebook and Twitter, and present more accurate results for trending content. ABC A year ago, Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion. But the first real integration between the companies looks like it will come with Windows 8. “We are going to double down on Windows 8,” Skype’s CEO, Tony Bates, said at the All Things D conference. LAPTOP Magazine Though consumers have been able to test a pre-release version of Windows 8 since the consumer preview launched in February, the new iteration has some subtle but important improvements worth noting, including support for new touchpad gestures and improved touch-support for Internet Explorer 10.

New Bing Now Available in the United States, Includes Deeper Facebook and Twitter Integration (The Verge)
Microsoft has announced that its new Bing design is now available. The new Bing includes a layout of three panels that’s very similar to a Metro style Windows 8 app, including search results, snapshot, and a social sidebar.

Flipboard for Android Coming Soon (PC Magazine)
“Flipboard will be available soon on Android mobile phones,” the company said on a placeholder website. Those interested in trying it out and providing feedback can sign up to gain access to the beta by sending Flipboard your email.

Who Uses Twitter? 15 Percent Of Online Adults, 18- to 29-Year-Olds, Smartphone Owners, Minorities [STUDY] (AllTwitter)
While Pew’s latest findings reveal that overall Twitter usage is up a couple of percentage points to 15 percent of online adults, the service still performs strongly with minorities, with more than one quarter of black Internet users (28 percent) and 14 percent of Hispanic users active on the platform. Conversely, 12 percent of whites use Twitter.

Foursquare Teases Major Redesign With a Sneak Peek of its Brand New Maps (The Next Web)
Following Wednesday’s tease of an “all new foursquare coming soon,” Foursquare is now seducing us once again with a preview of its new maps. At the moment, only two previews have been shared with the community, so there’s still a lot of speculation over what is and isn’t changing.

Are Kirsten Gillibrand and John Boehner’s Deleted Tweets Off Limits? (Adweek)
There’s been significant media coverage and buzz over Politwoops, a service from the Sunlight Foundation which purports to aggregate politicians’ deleted tweets. Recent examples include Speaker John Boehner’s deleted tweet: “We need to delete excessive govt regulations, spending-driven debt, & tax hikes that hurt #smallbiz #4jobs.” Or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s “Disappointed w/@SpeakerBohener’s comments on student loans today. Congress must act to stop rates from doubling on 7/1.”

How Important are All Those Ugly Tweet Buttons to News Sites? (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Do like buttons and tweet buttons do any good? To get some data on that, we can thank Luigi Montanez, who posted a Ruby script that allows you to see, of the n most recent tweets containing a given URL string, how many of them were generated by a tweet button. Montanez found that there’s substantial variation among sites.

More Women Using Pinterest To Feed Eating Disorders (CBS)
It’s one of the most popular and fastest growing social networking sites online, but some women are using Pinterest to feed their eating disorders. Nadine Bivens, who teaches Zumba, said Pinterest helps her stay on track with fitness. But there’s also a dark side to the site.