Facebook Adds More Ads

-Facebook Sidebar 3 Ads ScreenshotWho said Facebook isn’t working on generating more money? This afternoon Facebook began testing out the display of three ads on the side rather than two. Previously ads were limited to either two Facebook ads, one Facebook ad and a banner, or just a banner. Now the company is testing out displaying one more.

It makes a lot of sense that the company would begin displaying more ads considering that users are scrolling further down the page on many applications and on profiles that contain more content. This is a pretty good way for the company to try increasing click-thru rates. While it’s not definite that this will accomplish their goal of generating more clicks, common logic would suggest it will.

The company has been doing an increasing number of ad tests over the past couple months including the addition of video ads which have shown up on the homepage with increasing regularity. It’s a small change but it has the potential to boost their revenue. Unfortunately we can’t yet take a look at the company’s quarterly earnings report since they aren’t public, once they are, we will definitely enjoy looking forward to how these changes impact the company’s bottom line.