Ezra Gets Giant Kiss From Sen. Bernie Sanders

Say what you will about WaPo liberal blogger, chef, doctor, comedian and CJR-reading journo Ezra Klein, but yesterday afternoon Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) gave the journo a sizable shout-out on the Senate floor.

And we’ve got it captured for you by C-SPAN.

Klein is no stranger to congressional mentions. In April 2011, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) also cited him on the House floor. See here.

Noteworthy: There may be some confusion since Sanders qualifies Klein’s expertise as a WaPo “columnist.” This would imply that the liberal blogger is in the publication’s op-ed section — he’s not. The left-leaning opinionated blogger often appears on WaPo‘s news and business pages.

Read WaPo‘s “About Ezra Klein” writeup after the jump…

2009-Ezra Klein writes an opinionated blog on economic policy, collapsing banks, cap and trade, health care reform and pretty much anything else you can attach a chart to. His blog points to the hottest policy ideas on the Web and provides his own up-to-the-minute take. Before coming to The Post, he was an associate editor at the American Prospect. Klein has appeared as a guest on CNN, MSNBC, NPR and C-SPAN and lots of online radio shows you’ve never heard of.

Klein, who makes a mean kung pao, will also be a regular contributor to The Post’s Food section. He contributes to the group food blog the Internet Food Association.