Eyeglass Designer Kazuo Kawasaki Strikes Gold with Sarah Palin


Because we’re fair and balanced around here, we can’t do a “can you believe that Sarah Palin?!” story, like the one we ran the other day about her museum woes, without also offering a more positive one following up. So for this round, we turn to Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki, who designed Palin’s now-trademark glasses. Even this writer, who is becoming more left-leaning as the hours go by, has to admit that the woman has a good sense of eyewhere style. And it turns out that we’re not the only ones, as there’s been a huge run on the pair she regularly wears (to be specific, they’re from Kawasaki’s 704 series and they retail for around $375). Here’s a bit from ABC:

The company that manufacturers Palin’s eyeglasses says its phones have been ringing off the hook.

“We began hearing from our authorized dealers and they wanted to stock multiple pairs of the exact same frame and style and color that she had,” said Amy Hahn, the vice president of Italee Optics, Inc.