Experienced Greystripe Providing Ad Engine for Android Developers

Here it is more than a month after buying a Motorola Droid. And, unlike the T-Mobile G1, which was returned within the two-week grace period, I still own the Droid and am having a lot of fun learning about what it can do. The general improvement in the hardware is a factor. But, the current rich app ecosystem is just as important if not more so. In 2009, unlike 2008, there are interesting and useful Android apps that make the Droid an interesting and fun gadget.

One new development that may keep this Android app ecosystem growing and healthy is, gasp, ads for apps. Whether you love ads or hate them, the revenue from advertisements may attract and keep good developers building great Android apps…

Greystripe Launches Ads For Android

Greystripe has been in the mobile phone app development industry for a long time. They have an experienced management team that has been successful for years in the feature phone games market. Their entry into providing Android apps and advertisement engine should go a long ways in growing Android app development and keeping those developers fed and happy.