Existing Apps Stay Big on Our First Weekly Top 20 Facebook Games List of 2010

Last month’s big titles continue to rise up on this week’s list of the top growing Facebook games as we enter the new year — not most of the Christmas ones, however.

This list is our way to see which 20 games on Facebook, regardless of overall size, continue to increase their numbers of monthly active (MAU) users week to week. The numbers for this list were provided by AppData and are for the week ending January 3.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Pillow Fight9,592,634+3,710,299+38.68
2.icon PetVille18,530,922+2,277,325+12.29
3.icon Entrevista tus Amigos3,750,153+1,836,965+48.98
4.icon Happy Island5,867,508+1,494,320+25.47
5.icon Zoo World10,495,612+1,082,577+10.31
6.icon Bubble Popp2,369,772+1,061,032+44.77
7.icon Tarjetitas3,775,578+935,166+24.77
8.icon Happy Aquarium28,355,174+802,924+2.83
9.icon Texas HoldEm Poker22,484,291+798,614+3.55
10.icon Tiki Farm1,607,971+563,211+35.03
11.icon Country Life5,929,312+467,773+7.89
12.icon MindJolt Games14,824,683+271,276+1.83
13.icon Jungle Jewels2,297,381+238,282+10.37
14.icon Santa Yourself4,474,347+228,775+5.11
15.icon Ninja Saga1,831,168+215,991+11.80
16.icon Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009!310,949+184,252+59.25
17.icon Happy Pets12,133,795+159,985+1.32
18.icon My Stuff2,623,212+152,895+5.83
19.icon FarmVille73,776,308+151,116+0.20
20.icon Garden World156,155+150,778+96.5

First place title, Pillow Fight, was released years ago, but until recently had gone mostly dormant in comparison to other titles in the top 20. It is a kind of poking non-game in that it requires minimal strategy or skill — just “throw a pillow.” However, seasonal pillows by the developer have raised the title to have more than 10 million users, most of which were gained in the past weeks. The fact that the developer has marked the app as a “game” puts it on this list.

PetVille continues Zynga‘s “Ville” series with a 13 percent gain and 2.28 million new players. Last week the pet care simulator was first place on the list, but it added about 1.48 million less users this week. Meanwhile, FarmVille added about 151,000 new users to its amazing 73.8 million MAU, the largest of any app or game on Facebook.

Entrevista tus Amigos (“Interview your Friends”) is the highest foreign language app on this weeks list, the title has grown at a fantastic rate since its release on December 2nd. In that short period of time, the title has been able to raise its MAU this week by 49 percent to 3.75 million monthly active users.

Happy Island by CrowdStar was released in mid-December and has really come into its own this week. The game rose by 25 percent this week and now has 5.9 million monthly active users.

Last week, 5 Minutes, the recently-funded China-based developer saw their main app, Happy Farm grow to 17th, but the title fell off the list this week. Another notable absence is Birthday Cards. RockYou!’s tie-in between Birthday Cards and Zoo World has kept both in the top 20, yet this week is the first week that the app has not made in appearance in the top 20 for well over a quarter. But Zoo World continued to up users with another 1 million trying the game this week for 10.5 million monthly active users.

Bubble Popp, an arcade puzzler at sixth, was just featured on the emerging list in December. Its strong showing could give grounds to players on Facebook who want more arcade-style games on the site.

At 14th, Santa Yourself is the last surviving Christmas title. The app makes you Santa and that alone has propelled the title to be played by 4.74 million people this month.

Last spot on the list, Garden World saw the largest increase in relation to its size with a 96 percent jump over last week. It was not featured last weekin the top 20.