eXelate Bows Tool for Web Publishers

eXelate, which manages a large online targeting data exchange, is rolling out a new tool that will allow Web publishers to better manage the sale and use of their own user data.

The new product is called teXi:PM, which stands for “private marketplace.” According to eXelate executives, publishers can use teXi:PM to control how ad networks, agencies, demand-side platforms or other clients access their data. Publishers can also control how that information is sold. In addition, sites can employ teXi:PM to set price controls and initiate data transactions.

Publishers that elect to create their own data marketplaces using teXi:PM will not be precluded from also selling their data via eXelate’s exchange, which the company claims represents sites and networks that in aggregate reach 150 million unique users each month.

eXelate has signed WhitePages as one of the first Web publishers to use teXi:PM to create a private data exchange.

“[This] partnership will allow us to extend the value of our users’ business search behaviors to marketers using a single technology platform, while still protecting consumer privacy,” said Ingrid Michelsen, WhitePages’ senior director, ad sales, strategy and development.