Exclusive: To Be Hired At Hearst, Know Apps

Earlier today, we spoke with Hearst head of HR Scherri Roberts about the new initiatives that the magazine giant is launching. Most of them are geared toward increasing and training their salesforce, it seems, but there are still plenty of news for those with editorial and technical skills.

First piece of news: Hearst is bumping up its college recruiting efforts. Usually the company talks with career counselors at NYU, Columbia, and Northwestern, but this year the company will be at 15 college recruiting events covering 25 schools. Sorry, West Coasters, but they’re staying in the mid-Atlantic region and Northeast. “There’s so many talented people in this area, so we don’t have a need to recruit nationally,” Roberts said, speaking of the college program.

Second: If you already work at Hearst, lucky you: the company’s been sending its editorial staff to digital training at the CUNY graduate school of journalism. The training program started with 15 Marie Claire staffers, and now staffers from Cosmo, Redbook, Seventeen and Good Housekeeping get to play too.

Last: Hearst’s print people are getting stretched a little too thin. “Right now our print people are working on producing iPad apps and they’re contributing to our digital sites. So while the people here now are adding new things to their toolbox, we recognize that we need to supplement that” with new hires, Roberts told MJD. In fact, if you have app production (or development!) experience, Hearst wants you: “It’s such a new product category that those skills are not easy to find out there. We’ve had to do a lot of homegrown training and development,” she said.