Examiner Distribution Trends White

This week’s City Paper column by the always-on Erik Wemple examines the overwhelming racial imbalance in the distribution of the new Examiner.

The paper, which proudly touts its exclusive home delivery audience, delivers about 50,000 of its quarter mil daily press run to the District, and the City Paper decided to run a little investigation of where those papers get delivered. Their results? “If you’re a D.C. resident who gets the Examiner with your bathrobe and morning coffee, you’re in all likelihood white and very rich.”

Wemple and co-writer Jeff Horwitz called 274 advisory neighborhood commissioners to ask whether they’d received the Examiner. They talked with 119, and found that even several well-to-do black neighborhoods are left off the Examiner’s mysterious list:

For instance, Crestwood, a community just east of Rock Creek Park, is 62 percent black, and 45 percent of its households bring in more than $100,000, according to the 2000 census. Yet midmorning searches of the neighborhood on two consecutive days failed to produce a single copy of the Examiner

Read the article to see the distribution chart alone. Pretty compelling. You sort of have to wonder if this was the type of “earned media” that James McDonald wanted in the paper’s second week?