Examiner Cartoonist Exposed (For a Good Reason…)

Washington Examiner‘s award-winning cartoonist Nate Beeler is getting exposed — as in, his exposure is getting raised. U.S. News & World Report “Washington Whispers” Columnist Paul Bedard, with the permission of Examiner Editor-in-Chief Stephen Smith, is now using his work for the magazine and digital edition.

Beeler’s not getting royalties, but the exposure is positive. U.S. News is running cartoons that have already been published by the Examiner.

Bedard is intent on helping Beeler win a Pulitzer and sings his praises. “His work is the best at [getting] in the Washington weeds and making it understandable,” Bedard said over e-mail. “Also, I think, it helps that he is in Washington and gets the city’s unique feel for the issues and scandals.”

As for a byline and no money? Bedard says, “That’s the new journalism isn’t it?”

So far, Nate has no comment.