Ex-Nick Exec Finds Home at iVillage

Longtime Nickelodeon executive Mike Skagerlind has been named svp and gm of iVillage.

Skagerlind, who spent the past three years as vp and head of digital media at Barnes & Noble, is replacing former svp, gm Rebecca Miskin, who recently left to return to the same role at iVillage U.K. He will report directly to iVillage evp Jodi Kahn.

Previously Skagerlind logged 12 years at Nickelodeon, as an executive for Nickelodeon U.K., Nickelodeon Australia and Nickelodeon Online. During his tenure at Nickelodeon Online, Skagerlind helped shepherd the network’s highly successful Web video strategy.

At iVillage, he joins a brand in the midst of major changes. Over the past year NBC Universal has looked to revamp the women-oriented site, adding more editors and content, completely relaunching channels such as iVillage Health and iVillage Entertainment, and adding more community features. Though it has been slightly overshadowed in recent years by more buzzworthy women’s networks like Glam and blogs such as SheKnows.com and Cafe Mom, according to comScore, iVillage still reaches well over 30 million monthly unique users.

“It’s clear to me that the business is on the upswing,” said Skagerlind. “If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be here. iVillage is clearly a place where women will congregate and talk about issues that are important to them. There is a real sense of trust.”

Going forward, Skagerlind said he expects to focus on video and mobile, among other segments of the site. The site’s emphasis on editorial voice should continue. “Our mission is creating content that really matters to the core audience,” he added.