‘Evil Weed’ Sprouts Online Reality Series

NEW YORK Apparently college life wasn’t enough. Director David Wexler wanted a taste of Hollywood. The creator of MTV’s College Life reality series is launching Movie Life online Aug. 24.
The digital series will feature Webisodes at Movielifeonline.com that document behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the filming of his first full-length feature film, Evil Weed. The B-style horror flick depicts a group of teens turning into monsters after smoking a bad batch of marijuana. Evil Weed, produced by Life TV and Cinema 59 Productions, will premiere via private screenings, followed closely by an exclusively digital release.
The Movie Life Webisodes stay true to the filming technique Wexler used for his College Life show. The episodes were filmed by the cast and crew members themselves to deliver a first-hand view of the realities of moviemaking.
A viral campaign will tout the Webisodes and film using new-media venues such as Digg, Twitter and Facebook. Clips from the film will be distributed online before the mid-October debut. Gin Lane Media is the agency responsible for promoting the movie.
Via a barter deal, Rocawear and Flying Point have product placements in the film and ad placements on movielifeonline.com.
Wexler is investigating a number of different venues in which to screen the feature in time for Halloween, like classic cinemas or a New York bar or lounge. Still, he said, “the Internet is where the future of Hollywood is going — whether it’s viral campaigns or just new distribution models. [Low-budget, B-movie-type films like Evil Weed make for] an interesting product to distribute virally, one that goes hand-in-hand with the new kind of guerrilla indie movement we’re seeing today.”

If the viral project proves successful, online viewers can expect more from Wexler. He plans to apply the viral concept to his Alligator Green venture, which he described as “a mysterious anti-love story.”