Everything old is new again

I wanted to take a second to update Fishbowl readers on four — count ’em, four — recent posts, all of which are just brimming with new and relevant information. Allons-y!

  • The Letterman vs. O’Reilly flap: Not surprisingly, it has exploded into a blogosphere juggernaut (currently it’s the #1 – and #6 – search on Technorati). Our updated post brings you links to the vid, the transcript and, of course, the shirt.
  • The First Thing We Do Is Blog All the Lawyers: We’ve added a few more to the roster (congratulations, Salon‘s Tim Grieve and MediaPost‘s Wendy Davis! We’re still on the fence about Jeremy Blachman but there was that Times op-ed, so, okay). We want to have the definitive list of juristic journalists, so feel free to blatantly out your lawyer friends here.
  • Here’s to the ladies who prognosticate: Our post featuring Media Predictions of 2006 has been updated since 2005, so give a look to see what Star/American Media honcho Bonnie Fuller, Salon’s Rebecca Traister, Village Voice sex columnist and MB “Citizen Media Critic” Rachel Kramer Bussel and others have to say. Includes audioclip from the song “Easy Lover,” apropos of something.
  • …and it’s not just that it rhymes with “Gherkin”: NYT labial essayist Daphne Merkin‘s Sunday NYT mag piece on her vagina, herself inspired some interesting conversation, to be sure (let alone some interesting headlines in the blogosphere, once which humorously invokes Barbara Billingsly). That, however, is not the update. The update is a goofy yet strangely apropos pun. And we’re hiding it after the jump, just because.

The Merkinator.png