Everyone loves the 7 train

NYP loves the 7 train.gifDoesn’t the train on the right look like an enlarged version of the illustration on the left, courtesy of today’s New York Post? It does indeed, becaue apparently the 7 train is the my baby takes the morning train.jpg prettiest train in town, and hence the only one worth photographing: the pic on the right is actually snagged from the New York Times back in December, during the first round of drama with the TWU. Sadly I don’t have three photos so I can’t claim it to be a trend, but I did pause this morning when I saw the NYP and noted the pretty 7 train gracing its cover. I suppose that a lovely city backdrop is far more poetic than your standard underground F train driveby. All things considered, subway photography really is rather urban and lovely – please feel free to send in your favorite transit strike photographic moment, and eke some good out of this long and torturous process.

Yes, I know as far as meaty, newsy blog posts go this isn’t quite up there, but come on. It’s the weekend. And have you been outside? Right, then. Let’s hope this weather holds, considering that we’re likely to be doing a lot of walking again very soon.

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