Everybody Loves All About Geraldo!

Geraldo Rivera’s career just got a nudge: a new half-hour version of his “Geraldo At Large” will replace “A Current Affair” on Fox-owned TV stations. Nice score for Geraldo! Earlier this year he was very frank about the fact that Fox News was a crowded place to work and that primo airtime was hard to come by; but instead of pulling a diva act (he is Geraldo, after all; damned if he hasn’t put the time in) he’s been a good sport and a real team player on the network. Looks like it’s come home to roost. Congratulations, Geraldo!*

Meanwhile, arch-nemesis Alessandra Stanley and the NYT still have not apologized or retracted her assertion that Geraldo “nudged” a guardman out of the way in order to showboat during an on-air rescue in New Orleans. Lloyd Grove reports that the National Puerto Rican Commission has issued a statement declaring the “nudge” assertion and subsequent refusal of the NYT to correct it or apologize is “arrogant, injurious to Mr. Rivera, and insulting to the Puerto Rican and Latino community.” Perhaps Stanley was distracted by the matter when she referred to top-rated Emmy-showered long-running sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” as “All About Raymond.” Eek. That one’s a pretty big gaffe.

Upshot: Geraldo’s having a good week; Alessandra Stanley, not so much. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for Oddjack to run the numbers on who will spur the NYT to a correction first: Stanely or Louise Story? Bated breath, people, bated breath.

Update: Holy guacamole, Gawker has THREE SEPARATE Stanley corrections from today. That is just insane. In other news, guacamole is delicious.

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*Declaration of bias: as we’ve mentioned before, we went to summer camp with Geraldo’s lovely wife Erica, who seriously could not be sweeter if she tried. Other Camp Winnebagoe alumnae: former advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and sometime FNC talking head Dan Senor (Teen Unit Head, Head Counsellor, captain of the “Knights of the Round Table” team for the July All-Day Program in 1989); and theater trade publication “Show People” publisher Hailey Lustig (CIT Co-ordinator 1993; co-captain of the first “Green vs. Gray” August color war with yours truly – Green Hawks in ’92. If you ever meet her, ask her to sing. Gorgeous voice, especially harmonizing with her sisters. There you go, some Winnebagoe factoids for you. It never rains at Winnebagoe when there’s sunshine in your heart.