Evernote For Android Update Adds Snippets And Notebook Stacks

Evernote has released an update to their Android application that adds snippets, support for notebook stacks, and improved editing styled notes. If you are not familiar with Evernote, you can read one of my past blog posts in which I decribe why Evernote is a mission critical application.

Snippets provide the ability to see what notes contain while looking all of the entries in a notes list view. If a note contains a picture, a thumbnail of the picture will appear in the snippet. Enough information is contained in a snippet that you might not even need to open the note to find the information that you are seeking.

Notebook Stacks provide a way to categorize notebooks. A stack provides the ability to see and search across all the notes from multiple notebooks that belong to a stack. You create stacks using the Windows or Mac version of Evernote, and with this update you can now see stacks in the Android app.

One of the problems with previous versions of Evernote for Android is that they did not support editing of notes with rich content. If you tried to edit a note that contains a web clipping or an audio note, you saw an “Append or Copy” pop-up, which meant all you could do is append text to the bottom of the note, or create a text-only copy of the note that you could then edit.

This new version of Evernote allows one to edit notes that contain this type of text. For example, if you have a note that contains a bulleted list, you can add a new item with a bullet to the list. Unfortunately, the update does not allow you add bulleted lists to a note, and you cannot edit numbered lists or check boxes.

If you don’t already have Evernote installed and want to try it on your Android phone, you will find it in the Android Market.