Eventbrite Bundles Deals With Ticket Sales

Event organizers that sell tickets through Eventbrite can now offer ticket purchasers deals through the apps Uber and Hotel Tonight apps and Rent the Runway, according to Eventbrite.

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We asked Eventbrite how it expected the perks to grow its service.

“Eventbrite isn’t looking to initially monetize these perks, so we didn’t make this decision based upon how potentially lucrative the industry is,” a spokesperson said. The company sees perks as a way to boost user experience.

Uber gave us some additional insight into the business thinking behind the arrangement.

“Eventbrite gets a differentiated benefit to help acquire event organizers. Uber gets a new customer acquisition channel. Organizers get the ability to reward event attendees, and the attendees get a deal they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise,” said Ilya Abyzov, Uber’s San Francisco general manager.

Uber’s Eventbrite deal works in all 19 cities the company serves worldwide, Abyzov said.

Updated October 24 to reflect Eventbrite commentary.