’s Legally ‘Blond’ Interview

The very blond Shannon Bream

An interesting headline on today as it mentions the hair color of Shannon Bream, the FNC Supreme Court correspondent who is the interviewee. The headline: 10 Questions for Fox News’ (Blond) SCOTUS Reporter

Moving on (past the hair color). Let’s wade through an array of semi-serious questions and land on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s sexuality.

ESQ: Speaking of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, what do you make of this intense curiosity over Kagan’s personal life? And how do you report that?
SB: As a straight news correspondent I would never make an issue of someone’s personal life unless they have put it out there for public consumption. She clearly has not. She seems to be a very guarded person, and her friends and her close associates around her don’t discuss her personal life. So for me as a reporter, it’s not somewhere I would ever go. But if she at any point, like any other public figure, did want to make an issue of it, certainly we’d report on it.

Now, let’s conclude with a blond question so we can justify making it the headline. (By the way,’s senior web editor Matt Sullivan who authored this blond masterpiece is a brunette. Obviously that’s important.) Bream, a blond (did we all get that yet?), skips along with the blond discussion without a hitch.

ESQ: So when are we going to get a blond on the Supreme Court?
SB: You know, I think Megyn Kelly would do an excellent job. I think she has an excellent legal mind, but I think that she likes to stir things up, too, and the Court could use a little extra life.

Read the whole interview here.