, Orbitz Partner for Fan Site has partnered with Orbitz to launch a new Web destination which has been designed to serve as an online travelogue for sports fans taking road trips to see the next big game.

The new community site, ESPN Sports Passport powered by Orbitz (, allows fans to upload photos, post links to specific game’s box scores and blog about their experiences each time they attend a major sporting event. Ultimately, these fans will be able to share their entire sports attendence history with others, who through various tools on the site can comment on and rate individual users’ Passport logs. The site will also publish rankings of the most accomplished fans’ attendance histories.

This new Web content partnership is an extension of a relationship forged between the two companies back in 2006, when the sports fan travel channel ESPN Sports Travel Powered by Orbitz was launched. That section of ( features profiles of 75 North American, Latin American and European cities geared for prospective sports fan visitors.